Final reflection

To be honest at the beginning of this course I thought that it would be so boring and I did not want to contribute in a course that requires thinking too much. However, when I knew that there is no midterms and final and we are going to play and have so much fun, I got really excited to know what we are going to do throughout the course.

What made me excited to know more about the things is the first class as we played a game with magnets. We were divided into groups of four and we had to build any shape but it has to be as tall as possible and there would be a destruct-er in each group that’ll try to ban us from doing this shape. I liked the idea that we started the first class with a game. It’s like that the professors are trying to make us excited and grab our attention.

One of the things that I liked is the first article which we had to read then blog about. We had to write a blog post on our biggest fear or barrier though reading the article. I felt like I need to write this to show people that JUDGEMENT is really harsh thing.

In general module 1 was really beneficial as we did a project about food waste and how can we find a solution to solve it. We were divided into groups of four and we started to discuss the seeding part that we would solve. We did a solution to the seeding part in order not to allow the plants die. Our prototype was a shoe box supposedly that plants in the shoe box and there is a layer above to prevent heavy raining from killing the plants. This layer also collect the rain to use it later. There is a lamp to provide light for the plants that need it as well. To sum up, we came up with a solution to prevent the seeds from dying. In addition, through this project we had the chance to meet one of the Egyptian food bank to tell us more things. I really enjoyed this class.

As for module 2 which I enjoyed more than module 1, We played a lot of games that taught me team work and empathy as there were 2 or more games that included empathy. You put yourself in the shoes of a depressed person for instance and live instead of him. This made me learn to be more patient, appreciate others and think about what I’m going to say in order not to hurt anyone’s feelings.

The most interesting thing in module 2 was the final game and this one made me learn many things. We had to design our own game with it mechanics and dynamics. We did a game about mental illnesses which I talked about in the previous blog post.

What helped my learning in this course was the first 10 minutes of each class in the beginning of the semester that Dr. Sherif asked us to do several things. For instance, we were asked to write 10 things that have blue color or include the word blue within 30 seconds. Although I did not like to contribute in the things that requires thinking, This little games made me think wisely and enjoy the course more. It helped me throughout other courses as well as my social life.

The activity that contributed most to my learning is food waste activity as we had to give a pitch and speak out loud which was one of my fears at the beginning of the semester. I was really quite and I did not want to contribute because I’m not that brave student that could speak and contribute in any ideas to the extant that many things came to my mind in several classes but I was shy to say them because I was afraid of being judged. Throughout the course I learned that I should speak and say whatever idea came to my mind even if it won’t be correct.

The biggest obstacle to my learning was GROUP PROJECTS!! I love team work but not to this point. Each group includes one or two students that depend on the rest of the group in any project. They did not contribute in anything of the project. This was really frustrating and I wished that I could work alone instead of group projects.

 The most important thing I learned in this course is that I won’t get a solution for any problem immediately. I have to do my best, search for sources and make interviews with people to help me come up with a solution for a certain problem. I learnt to say my opinion and not just to sit and listen for others opinion. Additionally, because of this course, I now feel I can speak in front of the class without being shy of anything. I can do presentations or pitch without hesitation. 

Five years from now, I will remember the games that we did throughout the course and I will play them with my friends. I will even play with them the final game that we did as they were all beneficial and helpful for me.


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