As a group we made a game that would enhance the knowledge of a person about mental illnesses. The game is really simple. However, it is interesting as each one of the actors will have a pile of cards that includes the name of the mental illness and hints about the mental illness as well.

There is about 8 events which are (Home/work/school/friends/family/car and travel) each event includes about 8 situations. The actors should begin from the starting point which is the HOME they have to take one of the situations in this event and read it out loud then each one of them will act out what he/she’ll do towards this situation.

The experience of making a game from the beginning till the end was superb. You get to know information from many sources as we did. We asked someone from counseling on our campus and she gave us everything we wanted to know from mental illnesses and their symptoms. In addition, each one of us did a research about a certain mental illness and its causes and symptoms. These information that we got should help the player to act out the situation. We finally made a board game and we went to test the games with our classmates and professors.

At first i thought that our group would take a lot of time to recognize the idea of the game but I realized that this idea just came up at once after thinking about other game ideas. We decided to do this game when our professor supported the idea of it. She helped us to go and get the information we want from the counseling even the other groups gave us feedback when we were playing with the prototype before doing the actual game. Their feedback was an advantage for us to complete our game.

It was really fun when our professors played and I was really excited to do such a game. I think i  won’t improve the game if i had more time. I like it as it is as it really funny when you hear each one acting towards these situations. But If I wanted to make it better would increase the mental illnesses and the situations like they would be more that 8 situations per event and more than 8 mental illnesses and maybe I would get more information about each illness. For instance, I would go and ask a real psychologist from outside the campus.



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